How I Knew It was Time to Move

Trying to decide between should I stay or should I go? Girl, let me help! This past year, my husband and I made the decision together to move as close as possible to my parents. Yep. You read that right. If you would have asked me five years ago, or let’s be honest, two years ago if I would move back to my “hometown” the answer would have been laughter. The weird, and creepy kind where it is such a far-fetched idea that you had to laugh so you wouldn’t blurt out a “&*^&* No! I would never!” However, things change. People change. And for us, our lives changed and moving home was the decision we landed on. Here’s how:

  1. We had no emotional investment in the town we were currently living in.

The town was nice. It had good restaurants. I loved my gym. We went to a nice church, but overall, I was not tied to the town in anyway. I wasn’t from there and neither was my husband. If you took away my co-workers who were and are more like family to me, and just looked at the town itself, I didn’t want to live there. It is a heavy military town which makes it feel very transient. It didn’t feel like home and even though our house was there, it still lacked a whimsical ingredient that I wanted for the place we were going to lay roots.

  1. School systems- yes, even with a newborn we thought about school systems

My husband had been a sub and coach for many years in the area and agreed that if we continued to live there, that Mick would need to attend private school. $$$ The school systems were getting low ratings for testing and the high schools were getting more and more publicity for violence and gangs. Not the idea education for my perfect princess.

  1. The drive gets old.

When we would go home for the holidays, or to visit the four hour drive through Atlanta started to wear on us. Sure, four hours to some is a drop in the bucket, but eight hours of a weekend on the road where I didn’t end up at a sandy beach was WAY too much time in the car. Plus, the road warriors in us died a little when we had our daughter and had to pack EVERYTHING with us to travel because they need bottles, diapers, pack n play, toys, clothes, etc. The travel become a burden instead of a fun getaway and we always dreaded going back… that was a huge sign.

  1. Signs. There were several signs that we weren’t in the place we needed to be

One of the main things keeping us there was my job and well, I loved it and will always remember it as one of the best times in my life, but local management changed and it started to be a workplace that I did not enjoy. Some of my closest friends were feeling the same and we were all talking about leaving at one point (several of us did). I started to see the writing on the wall and needed to move up in my career. Our preacher, the main reason we joined our church, announced his family was leaving and he would no longer be at the head of the church. And the nail in the coffin was when we were visiting Chattanooga for the holidays and Mark and I were out by the river holding Mick and I remember saying, “I can picture this. I want to live here and raise her here.” It was that same trip home that he told me to start looking for a career in Chattanooga that I would love as much as my current job.

  1. As much as I loved my friends there, they weren’t family.

And let me tell you, some of my very favorite and dear friends still live in Columbus, but none of my family was there. Sometimes you just need your mom or your closest person to you to come over when you are sick and don’t want to be around anyone else. When you’re tired and just need a break. Or when you need a date night and can’t pay the babysitter. The bottom line for us was our family came first and we wanted McCartney to have the opportunity to grow up and have a close relationship with her grandparents and cousins.

I found a job, we put our house on the market, packed up the first house that we ever bought together and brought our daughter home to and moved. It was hard. Extremely trying on my marriage, stress level, and overall mental state, but nothing in life is free and it was hands down the best decision I have ever made. I will say that if you are in a relationship and trying to move that it is extremely important for it to be all in by both parties. My husband was so supportive from the get go and without him, I wouldn’t have made it to the other side.

I hope this helps you in your journey of moving and finding your roots! I would love to hear about your moving story or if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email and I will do my best to help!

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