How to Land Your Next Job with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is my favorite social platform! Yes, that’s right, I use it more than Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest! Why? Because I have landed almost every job I have ever had via LinkedIn. From entry level jobs, to virtual/work from home jobs, to a six-figure career, LinkedIn has been the real MVP. I love to train my sales teams on the advantages of LinkedIn when looking for clients and how to find new revenue dollars in the market with a few clicks and InMail messages. I also love to show how you can get hired for your dream job, whatever that may be, through some easy updates to your profile and a little out of the box thinking.

So, if you are in the market for a new job, this is the post for you! I am sharing my EASY FIVE updates to your LinkedIn profile that are PROVEN to level-up your profile status, your ability to show up in job postings, and help you snag the first-round interview. Let’s do it!

  1. Your Profile Picture: This may seem like an obvious #1, but you would be surprised how many profiles I come across do not have a profile picture (major YIKES) or the photo is bad quality, dated, too small or too large for the size photo LinkedIn allows etc. THIS IS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION! You wouldn’t show up to an interview in 80’s themed clothes, would you? NO! So, update your profile picture to reflect your current self! Make sure you have a high-quality photo that is going to look great on mobile and desktop. It’s the world we live in. Your picture doesn’t have to be a stuffy head-shot, but it DOES need to reflect the type of industry you are in or trying to get into.
  2. Your Cover Photo: Again, with the photos… all the above goes for your cover photo as well, but let’s take it up a notch. How about we use the biggest picture image on your profile as a Call To Action to get people engaging with you on LinkedIn? If you are looking for virtual work and have a website or logo, make a professional cover photo to reflect your brand. If you are in the media industry and are wanting to land a promotion in another market, make a graphic that talks about your sales numbers. “Need to increase digital revenue for your station? My team and I finished 2018 at 115% to budget. Ask me how!” Now, that’s how you make people start connecting with you! My cover photo is my logo. I want my connections to know that I have a brand and a blog, so my cover photo reflects that and starts conversation.
  3. Make your Headline a “Scroll-Stopper”: Yes, I think I just made up the term, “Scroll-stopper.” Don’t tell me if I didn’t because I am feeling pretty witty right now! Your headline is what people see before they click on your profile to learn more about you. It is also what Hiring Managers see when they are looking through applications and LinkedIn profiles. Which makes you more intrigued about a person: A. Digital Sales Manager or B. Digital Marketing Expert, Proven Budget Achiever, Team Player, and Cold Calling Queen? B gives you so much more info about the person than just their current or past job title. I know right off the bat that this person is an expert in their field who can work with a team to achieve goals. If you are a job seeker, your title may look like, “Self-Starter Looking to Add Value as a Virtual Assistant,” or “Content Creator Seeking Websites Who Are Looking to Grow Their Following.” Get creative and give that headline a makeover!
  4. Tell Your Story: LinkedIn gives you plenty of room to tell your story to potential clients or hiring managers. This is a great place to show your confidence and skill set.  Adding numbers or success stories also adds credibility. For example, in my bio, I also have a “Highlights” Section to talk about my latest sales numbers and % to budget. Working in percent keeps the playing field level and shows prospective clients and managers what I can do for them if I were on staff. Don’t be shy! Flex your muscles and gear this towards your target market or job you want to land. If you are wanting to get more traction as a caterer, then talk about events you partnered with and any reviews you had from the event. Tell why you started your business and let your passion shine through for clients and hiring managers to see. Passion is contagious.
  5. Turn On Your Job Interest Button: Did you know this existed? Well, now you do! Go to the “Jobs” section of LinkedIn. With the latest update, you will either be prompted to start filling out your job preferences and where you are in the funnel or you will see a button you can toggle on for “Open to Opportunities.” This button essentially lets prospective hiring managers know that you are looking for a job. You can set alerts to get emails for when jobs you are looking for match with a new job listing. If you see a job listing that says “Easily Apply” then your LinkedIn profile is what the manger is going to get as your application. This is why tips 1-4 are vital to your success at finding a job on LinkedIn. It will serve you well!

And, there you have it! My EASY FIVE for finding and landing your next career with LinkedIn. I know these easy updates will bring you success and hopefully, your new career path! Let me know if you utilize them and how it went for you. If you need help getting started, updating your LinkedIn and aren’t sure which direction to go in, I am here to help! Good Luck!

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