Megan’s Morning Smoothie

Exciting, right? A post about my healthy smoothie that I make every morning! It IS exciting because this a healthy habit that is easy to stick to and doesn’t take up much of my busy morning. I am one of those people that really needs breakfast. Without it, I feel yick the rest of the day and am more prone to make bad choices i.e. eat all carbs and cheese with no reservation and no guilt. 😊

The most important part of the smoothie for me is the protein powder. I must love the taste and make sure the base of my smoothie is working with me, not against me with lots of hidden ingredients. Right now, I am LOVING Arbonne’s Vanilla and Chocolate vegan protein. The taste is amazing. It blends out very smooth and the size bags you get last for around 2-3 months.

A few other protein powders that I have tried and enjoyed were: Orgain’s Vanilla Protein, Silverfern Brand Chocolate Protein, and HUM Nutrition’s Beauty Powder (this isn’t technically a protein powder, but I used it in conjunction one of the proteins above).

Now that we have the base for my morning smoothie, I start to add layers of goodness that are going to keep me energized and full throughout my morning. I add in fiber, right now I am using Arbonne’s Daily Fiber boost, but also love Silverfern Brand’s Fiber. Next, I load it up with greens! This is SUPER important for me because I hate salad. Yep, said it. Salad isn’t my jam, so I must drink my greens to make sure I am getting something leafy each day. I love Organic Girl’s Superfood Blend with Kale and Spinach or just regular spinach are my go-tos. I add two cups of raw greens… also measured by two huge fist fulls.

To disguise the taste of the greens, I add frozen fruit. Target and Costco both have great options. Right now, I am using the big bags of fruit from Target that are Market Pantry brand. I have Strawberry/Banana and Tropical Blend that includes peaches, mango, banana, and pineapple. I add in frozen blueberries as well from time to time.

I top it all off with a spoonful of Almond Butter, I am partial to Justin’s, but you can use any brand. I fill my smoothie cup about ¾ the way with Unsweetened Almond Milk and let my NutriBullet blend up all this goodness into a super yummy, green, easy to drink breakfast.

And there you have it! In case you want the recipe, but didn’t want to read all the commentary, you can find it here:

Megan’s Morning Smoothie

1 scoop Arbonne Vanilla Protein

1 scoop Arbonne Chocolate Protein

1 scoop of Fiber

2 cups of leafy greens- Spinach and Kale

1 cup of frozen fruit

1 tbsp. of Almond Butter

2 cups of Unsweetened Almond Milk

Blend in blender of Nutri Bullet for 30 seconds. Enjoy!

Here are easy links to everything mentioned above and a discount code to save you some money, honey.

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Silverfern Brand Protein and Fiber:

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Orgain Vanilla Protein:

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