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You have heard the idea of dating your spouse, right? Its important to continue to foster your relationship even after the “I Do’s” are years behind you and the newness of being a spouse has worn off. So… how do you do that? What does it look like? For the Strattons, it’s a sacred night EVERY week that we commit to having a night with just us two. We have very creatively named it, “Date Night.” 😊

Has it always been this way? No. When we lived away from family, date nights were few and far between, and most importantly, expensive. We would have to hire a babysitter, plus our food and whatever event/concert/show we were going to and it starts to add up quickly. Getting more time with Mark was without a doubt a HUGE factor when moving closer to my parents and now that we here, we take advantage of it!

When we moved back to be closer to family, my parents pitched us the idea of keeping our daughter once a week. Initially, my answer was “Absolutely not!” I was hesitant because I didn’t want to miss a night with her each week, but after thinking about what it could do for my marriage, for Mick’s relationship with my parents, and for everyone’s happiness as a family, it was an obvious answer to give my parent’s one night a week. Usually, we do date night on a weeknight. We both work downtown and meet up as soon as we are off the clock. Plus, there are so many cool spots to see and try out. This is also a GREAT way to save money and hit up the best happy hours for drink and app specials.

It has been a GAMECHANGER for Mark and me. We look forward to a night where we are able to focus on each other again and of course, spend half of dinner talking about how perfect Mick is and how lucky we are that she belongs to us. Our flame starts to burn brighter again, and we get to stay up late watching SNL or Jeopardy! We cuddle without a little person in between us, we make out because we don’t get to do that often, and enjoy our time knowing our baby is happy with Mimi and Pop.

If you can’t make “Date Night” a weekly thing, I urge you try and make it a habit or try once a month to incorporate time with your spouse. I am a better mom and wife when date nights happen, and it gives me a chance to re-charge mid-week. Don’t let your excuses get in the way!

And if you are wondering what to do for Date Night, here are our go-tos for some inspiration to get you excited for a night with your significant other:

  • Happy Hour– right after work, cheaper, and great atmosphere. Bonus, you get home by 7:30 and can veg out in your PJs together AND be asleep by 9! 😀
  • Pizza Night or Taco Night– not your average order from Papa John’s or Taco Bell. We make our own pizzas and grab cool ingredients that up-level our pizza night or taco bar. Our favs are BBQ Chicken Pizza with fresh Gouda cheese, pancetta, and BBQ sauce (Mark adds pineapple) or a fish taco bar with fresh catch, creama, and chips and dip.
  • New Scenery- we try to make it a point to try somewhere new each time we go out.  We scope out the type of food we want and then pick one we have never been to and try it out!
  • Swanky Dress Up Night- sometimes we get real crazy and dress up, go to an expensive restaurant and treat ourselves. We usually do this if my parents are keeping Mick on a Friday.

I hope you guys read this, texted your person, and started planning your next date night. Not only will you get a chance to spend some quality time, but it can give you a chance to get out of the rut you may be in, strengthen your relationship with your partner, and go have some fun with the person you picked to do life with… let me know how it goes!  

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