Turning 3-0!

A new year, a new day, a new decade! As you are reading this, my blog is likely to be less than one day old. I launched this post one day before my thirtieth birthday. And yes, it was planned that way! I can not think of a better gift to myself than to hit the “GO LIVE” button for my website because this year is all about living with intention, setting a goal, and crushing the dang thing! So here we are!

Turning thirty feels like a breath of fresh air, honestly. Many (younger) friends have said, “WOW. Thirty… that’s so crazy,” in that tone of voice that you talk to someone in when you are kinda afraid of the topic. My response has been the same. “I’m stoked!” I can feel it in my bones that my thirties are going to be my best years yet. Its that type of feeling in your gut, your intuition, telling you that this IS YOUR YEAR. So, of course I am excited! And even though I am not thirty until tomorrow… this “almost” thirty-year-old has some advice to share with you about what I am leaving behind in my twenties!

1.Other People’s Opinions: Yes, you read that right. I am leaving other people’s opinions behind because what other people think about me… has NOTHING to do with me. If I worried about what other people thought when I wanted a promotion after being in the industry for just a few months, I would have never started my career in digital media management. If I would have stayed up at night wondering, “what will people think when they hear my podcast” and “what if they don’t like it”, I wouldn’t be reaching and helping women like I am now. AND if I really let people’s opinions get to me, I will always be chained to the thought of “what if” and I am just not down to let fear and worry steal my JOY and my DRIVE. #thankyou,next1.

2.My Twenty-Year-Old Body:  Honey, she is long gone. That metabolism from college where you can pound PBR and then eat four packs of Ramen and wake up feeling refreshed… not going to happen for you anymore. Am I saying my body in my thirties is doomed to be less than my body in my twenties… HECK to the NO, but what I am saying is that my twenty-year-old body that I didn’t take care of and didn’t love because it was never good enough is gone. My thirty-year-old body, now that is something to cherish. To take care of. To upgrade my skincare. To drink more water and nourish myself with fuel instead of trash. And you better believe… my thirties are my come back years after my baby making days are over, this body is going to be in her prime. Mark my words so you can keep me accountable because we all know I love a good carb! (And by carb, I mean PASTA.)

3.Debt: The D-Word is a relationship that I want to break up with and this decade is the time to make that a reality. Debt to me is about money, but it is always about the strings attached. I don’t want to have strings attached to several companies for credit cards, medical bills, mortgage… whatever it may be, I want my freedom back- financially and without me owing someone else indefinitely. So, what does that mean? It means that instead of eating out, we cook more (and I have already adopted this method this year!). It means having a plan of how to get out of debt as a family and sticking to it. Understanding that paying off our house early means a better and more freeing way of life in our future for travel, Mick’s college fund, retirement, more tennis shoes 😉, etc. It isn’t always fun, but we know that if we handle it now, we are better prepared for all the fun that is in our future AND we can afford it!

ADIOS to these three things and HELLO to my flirty thirties! Las Vegas is waiting… and so are the BEST years of my life! I hope you have some things you are letting go of this year. Saying goodbye is not always bad when you are upgrading to a life you love living. Think of what is holding you back. What keeps you up at night? Then, imagine what your life would be without those things. You can do it, sis. I have your back.

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