Batch, Please!

There are so many “buzz” words and topics flying around right now. “Batching” or “Batch work” has been one of them, but it is one that I have gravitated towards and adopted. If you are unfamiliar with batch working, no worries– You are in the right place at the right time! I use this method to help create content, record episode for our podcast (shameless plug : , and to complete tasks efficiently and effectively at work. By batching work, I can get much more done and I put out a better quality of work.

So what IS IT you ask? “Batching” is blocking out hours or certain amounts of time, and knocking out tasks that are similar in nature in one fell swoop. For instance, I batch my blog posts for this very blog that you are reading. I sit down, usually on a Saturday morning, and write around four or five blog posts. With coffee in hand, I sit at the kitchen table before my family is awake, and get in the head space to write. Once I start writing, it is so much easier to keep going than to try and write one blog post a week, come up with a topic, schedule time to write it, and get in a good flow. Batch work allows me to take care of WEEKS of content in an hour or so. Courtney, my co-host for Unshaken Podcast, and I love to batch our interviews. We only set up equipment once. We are in the mood to record. And we can have several episodes ready to roll out after taking a week and recording several episodes. This also allows us to, ahem, have lives! We don’t have the pressure of interviewing every week, editing, and getting content live. It gives us time to rest and not burn out. Don’t have a blog or podcast? No worries, here are some of my favorite things to batch outside of those two projects.

  1. Emails: Yes, I need my inbox to be at ZERO or I feel like I haven’t responded to people in a timely manner. On the flip side, I can’t be tied to my computer all day. I am in sales and out on calls for at least half of my office hours. So, I batch my emails. I block off one hour each morning and thirty minuets or so each afternoon to get my inbox back down to zero. I close all other tabs and focus just on the responses. That way, my attention is fully on my task instead of replying when I am in the middle of something else and possibly missing an important detail.
  2. Proposals: If you are in a field where you are consistently needing to put out new work, batch working your proposals is key. I have ten sales consultants who depend on me to help them with proposals for their clients, and without blocking out an entire afternoon to work on those for an uninterrupted three to four hours, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the workflow. Once I have a few built, I can start to take bits and pieces from the templates that I have created and build off those for my new proposal instead of reinventing the wheel.
  3. Social Media Content: Whether this is for your personal account or your clients’ accounts, planning out what you want to do on your social platforms ahead of time and in bulk is a MASSIVE time saver! For clients’ platforms we will create a content calendar and plan out an entire month of captions, images, and other materials in one day. On my personal accounts I use programs to help me schedule posts. And if I am having a good hair day, then I will take pictures in several outfits so that I have great content to share without having to take down my messy bun. 😊
  4. Meal Prep: I mainly use this for lunches. I will buy three or four chicken breasts and cook them different ways. One gets teriyaki sauce, the other bbq, and some get Panko bread crumbs. The idea is that I only have to cut once, cook once, and clean once, AND I have 3 or 4 lunches that I can take to work the next week. Did I mention you only have to clean up your kitchen once? #winning

If you have something that you need to do consistently, give “batching” a try. Already a batching expert? I would love to hear how you put this practice in place and how it changed your workflow process! And now, I’m off to my next blog post 😉

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