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One of my goals for this year is to cook two new recipes per week. Normally, I cook Sunday through Thursday and sometimes, I get a wild hair and cook breakfast or lunch on a Saturday if we are around the house. Some of you are already thinking I am crazy, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but cooking is a stress reliever for me. It’s the idea of taking a bunch of random ingredients and creating a complete meal. Ahhh, relieves my tension just typing about it. So, when I decided to cook two new recipes each week, it wasn’t a something I had to “add in” to my routine, but rather tweak. You see, my husband and I are picky eaters, then add in a toddler, and recipes that “work” starts to become less and less. I have my work cut out for me. Scouring Pinterest boards and trying to come up with new versions of our favorite meals was starting to become a chore until one day I was introduced to Home Chef.

I get it. You have seen the ads, read the reviews, and maybe even ordered a home delivery meal kit. So have I, but the major difference I found between Home Chef and the others is that this meal kit allows me to customize our meals to fit everyone’s taste buds. All the ingredients are shipped together and delivered to my house. And I don’t even have to be home when the delivery takes place. Boom! Each meal that I have chosen comes packaged neatly together so I can add or subtract ingredients. For example, broccoli- not going on my plate (I know, I know, but I HATE it!). However, with Home Chef I can still make it according to the recipe since everything isn’t already pre-made together. Mark and Mick enjoy the roasted broccoli and I learn how to cook a new dish that I can add to my recipe arsenal. #winning

The menu was another big hit with this meal service. Home Chef has over fifteen options, including “no-cook” lunches and smoothies that you can add-on. We jump between the two meals per week or three meals per week plan and there are usually so many things I want that it is tough to narrow down. Weeks we are traveling or weeks that our nights are super busy, we can skip with no problems. You can skip as many weeks as you want, order as many meals as you want, and choose between serving sizes. To wrap it all up with a bow, the price point is right. It comes out to $10 per person per serving and the portions feed my family of three.

Some of our favorite so far are:

Chicken and Mushroom Gravy with Green Beans

Turkey Meatballs with Parmesan Pasta Bake

Sirloin Steak with Creole Butter and Charred Greens

Mongolian Beef Bowls

Home Chef is helping me hit my goal of two new recipes each week, feeding my family well, and making it easier on this mama. Unless they start putting a personal chef in the box, you really couldn’t ask for more!

Give Home Chef and try with my $30 off! This gets you THREE meals delivered to your house for $30!

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