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10 Things I Wish I Knew A Year Ago

  1. A spray tan can CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Sure, I have had spray tans before, but I feel like the technology behind them has changed so much since my spray tan days in high school before prom. My confidence is higher due to my makeup and clothing looking much better on my bronzed skin. And like I have said before and will say again, if you can’t tone it, tan it! 😀
  2. Audible books are where it’s at. As a busy woman, I don’t have time to sit and read. I wish I did because it is one of my most favorite things to do; however, thanks to Audible and other audio book platforms, I can do the dishes while diving into the next chapter of The Wife Between Us (SO GOOD!) and kill two birds with one stone.
  3. A bad day is NOT a bad life. The wonderful thing about a bad day is that it will come to an end. Pick yourself up and do something to “reset” your day. If I have had a terrible day, I blast my favorite music, call a friend to catch up, or sometimes take a hot shower and cry it out. And that is totally ok. I get a chance to make tomorrow great.
  4. Drinking more water really does make a difference. It isn’t a new fad. Your doc has been telling you to drink more water since you were little, and I will say, I can tell when I am dehydrated and need to chug some H2O. My skin and hair are better when my water intake is high. I am less likely to snack all day. I am kinda crazy and try to drink over 100 oz a day! I am also a Pisces and basically a fish though. 😊
  5. There are very few things that you need to rush. Once we made the decision to move, I wanted to get up to Chattanooga ASAP. We rushed putting our house on the market. We rushed moving. We rushed offers on our home. We rushed to find a new house. We rushed everything. If I could re-do it, I would be still, pray more, worry less, and not make snap decisions based on emotions at the time. If the door closes because you didn’t run through it fast enough, then it isn’t your door.
  6. Trust your gut. Man, this is a hard lesson to learn, but our intuition is such a powerful gift that many of us do not take advantage of enough. I know this: My gut has NEVER been wrong. I hate using “always” or “never” because that is not reality, but in this case, I think “never” is appropriate. If you feel in the core of your stomach that you shouldn’t do something, don’t do it. If there is a sign or even a slight resistance that comes up, trust that and move on to your next option. Learning this the hard way is not fun, so make it easier on yourself and trust your intuition!
  7. Being busy is an excuse. “I can’t go to church this Sunday because we are so busy getting ready for the garage sale. “I really want to go workout, but I just can’t find the time.” “I would love to catch up with you, but I am so slammed lately.” Guys, you are the owner of your time. Being “too busy” doesn’t mean you can’t fit it in… it means you CHOSE not to fit it in. If you really wanted to go to church, you would get there. If you really wanted to change your lifestyle and workout, you could. And if you really want to find time for friends, then you would make it happen. Every. Single. Person is busy. Choose how and where to spend your time and own it.
  8. Toxic Relationships are not something you have to deal with…ever. Have a friend that NEVER calls? Never asks how you are and adds no value to your life in any way, but you continue to hang on and give your time and resources to them when they ask? NOPE. Stop it. Same goes for family members. If a relationship is shaking your conviction, making you feel bad about yourself, or ruining valuable relationships in your life, then you need to get out of it or back down on the commitments you are making to that person. You are as good as your circle, so if you surround yourself with people who are negative, make you feel icky, and use you, then you are going to start believing those lies. You wouldn’t want a girlfriend staying in an abusive relationship, would you? No, so don’t stay in one yourself with a friend or family member.
  9. Speaking of family… don’t take them for granted. This last year FLEW by and I catch myself slowly forgetting what Mick was like when she was a baby. I can hardly remember what life was like before her and what Mark and I even did before Mick was born. My brother moved back from Denver and getting to see him more and know him more is one of my favorite things. And then there are my parents. Man, you do NOT understand how much your parents love you until you put on their shoes as a parent. Living with them for six months this past year had its challenges, but it made me realize how lucky I am to have two loving, supportive, and amazing parents. Whether it is your parents, or friends who feel like family, make sure the people you hold dearest know what they mean to you as often as you can.
  10. Don’t be afraid of your faith. I used to make my faith small to make others around me feel comfortable. I didn’t talk about church or invite friends to sit with me on Sundays and I would find myself feeling awkward if faith came up. HONEY, not anymore. It is like the Lord shook me by the shoulders this year and said, “MEGAN, I HAVE THIS! YOU ARE MINE AND YOUR PLAN IS MADE! LET’S DO THIS! TRUST ME!” And so I have. I am open about my faith on my blog, our podcast, and in my everyday walk. I want people to know I am a strong Christian by my actions and I want to chase Jesus as hard as I can because you know what? When I do, my life is more whole. My marriage is better. I am a better mom. A better friend. A better manager. A better EVERYTHING. So, do NOT shy away from being who He has called you to be. Be proud that you have a God who moves mountains for you and if you aren’t sure about how to get there, call me.


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