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Creating a Morning Routine

It will change your life, friends! I can’t say it enough! If you listened to our first episode of Season Two of the Unshaken Podcast( here), then you know I am all about a morning routine. I am going to walk you through my personal morning routine AND how you can create one of your own. A morning routine sets the tone for your day, so let’s make sure we are starting it off with a bang!

  1. Move Your Body! I love to do a early workout in my fasted state. I fast from 7pm-12pm and my workouts help tap into my fat storage and blast it away! Working out in the morning has ALWAYS been my preference. It gets my blood pumping and gives me an instant stress reliever. Plus, I listen to pump up music and that’s a great way to get your positive mojo flowing! If you HATE to workout, I would encourage you to pick something that moves your body and incorporate that into your routine. This could be a walk with your dog, light yoga, stretching… you decide, but stick with it. Pretty soon it will become a habit!
  2. Practice Gratitude! I write down ten things that I am grateful for each day. Sometimes the “writing down” part doesn’t happen for whatever reason, but I still take time to think out ten things I am grateful for and thank God for them. This is such a quick and easy way to start your day with a full heart. Meditation is great to incorporate during this time. If you are a beginner, you can Youtube “morning meditation” and work those into your quiet time. Find a pretty journal, put it beside your bed, and grab it when you wake up. It is fun to look back through and see that what you were grateful for a few months ago!
  3. Prepare for your day! This could be packing your leftovers from the night before, getting the kids clothes laid out, or making your morning coffee. Whatever you need to do before you walk out the door, do it now. You will feel less pressure and stress knowing everything is taken care of ahead of time. I turn on the coffee pot, pack my snacks/lunch, load my car, and THEN get in the shower. It is a huge relief to have my checklist done before I even shampoo my hair 😊 If you are forgetful in the morning, write down what you want to do the night before and place it on top of your journal for a quick reminder.

On the flip side, there are a few things I make sure to NOT incorporate into my morning routine. I do not open emails, scroll social media, or turn on the TV. All those things are distracting. And all of them pull me away from what I want to focus on that morning. It is hard, but the payoff is well worth it. I only use my phone for music and alarms in the morning. You can do it, sister friend!

And there you have it! All the ingredients to make your own special morning routine. Some mornings I add essential oils to my diffuser when I am doing yoga, or I blast 90’s hip hop in the shower to give me a pick-me-up dance party. Whatever you chose, make sure you set the intention of your routine. I would love to hear all about your new mornings! Keep me posted!

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