How to Audit Your Pinterest Account

Have you heard about Pinterest for your business yet? If you’re not on the Pinterest platform yet… head to this blog about How to Create Your Pinterest Business Account.

After, come back to the post! In this post, I am going to give you tangible tips on how to audit your own Pinterest Business Account to make sure it is optimized and really ready for the Pinterest world, so you can gain the traffic to your website you have been desiring!

Pinterest is a place where you can gain free traffic to your website, grow your email list, sell your products and courses, find your ideal clients and so much more! It is a space many entrepreneurs are not utilizing to its full potential. I am here to tell you, you need to start on it now. Pinterest is growing FAST and it is a huge platform. With that, let’s get started on auditing your account.

  1. Is your account a Pinterest BUSINESS account? If not, head over to settings on your account and get it switched. I know other platforms, like Instagram, you might question whether or not you need a business account; however, with Pinterest, there is no question at all!
  2. Is your profile picture you? We actually do want to see you and who you are. You represent your brand and business. Showing your face allows your audience to connect with you.
  3. Have you claimed your website? If there is not a little world with a check mark, you have not claimed your site. Head to settings, claim and claim that website. While you are in the claim area, claim your other accounts too if you can!
  4. Can we tell what you do, who you serve and who you are from your bio? We want to be able to get a quick snap shot of who you are, what you do and who you serve in your bio. Pinterest does limit characters in this space, so you need to make it quick, to the point and keyword rich.
  5. Do you have at least 10 boards, with simple titles and full on descriptions? Pinterest is a space you want to share your content, so you need relevant boards. I recommend simple titles and then deep dive into your keywords to make sure your descriptions are full of keywords for your business and niche!

Where are you with these 5 tips to audit your account? Do you need to head to your account right now and get it set up properly? Go ahead, you definitely want to do that and get it setup right!

If you have not figured out your keywords — here is a Beginner Guide which will help you learn a bit more on keywords and why Pinterest really is so important for your business!


*A guest post written by Jacquelene Hayes. You can learn more about Jacquelene here:

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