Why You Need A LinkedIn Profile

Ok, I get it. You HAVE LinkedIn profile, but you don’t use it. Maybe you made it right out of college, or when you wanted to switch jobs, and then just left it to go to the profile graveyard. Big mistake, sis. LinkedIn is my favorite platform. Every career I have had has been from the help of my LinkedIn profile. I have hired people from the platform. I have found clients, podcast guests, and a community of like-minded people to network with daily. Laying my cards out on the table, I have found so much value in LinkedIn, I created a course on it to teach other people how to harness the power of a great LinkedIn profile! If you still aren’t a believer, I am going to give you 3 reasons LinkedIn is the right place for you, no matter your industry, title, or goals. Let’s go!

  1. Tons of free content that is top notch! Looking for resources or free content to learn more about your industry, a new industry you would like to transition to, or top networking tips? LinkedIn has you covered. Now you can take advantage of the “Article” feature and even use it as a place to re-purpose your own content. Let’s say you are a coach that is wanting to reach women who need help with meal planning. LinkedIn is a great place to create a buzz through posts, articles, and even recommendations of others that have worked with you. It creates instant credibility for your business. #boom
  2. Speaking of Recommendations… Easily gain testimonials! I LOVE the recommendation feature on LinkedIn. You can easily request a rec from someone and return the favor all in one fell swoop. No matter the business, testimonials speak for themselves when it comes to gaining more clients or landing a new job. LinkedIn can be somewhere that you house these testimonials easily. I have sent people to my profile before to read my recommendations when they have asked for references. I have also used those recs and re-purposed them on other social media channels. It is one of my absolute favorite pieces of my profile!
  3. Networking with Like-Minded People! Don’t dismiss this as a huge opportunity that LinkedIn gives us. It has been transitional in my business and my career. The people I have met and started conversations with have brought me new clients, a podcast editor, podcast guest opportunities, and business for the TV station where I work. Not to mention, the value it adds to my day when I log on and see what other movers and shakers are doing with their lives. It is truly motivating and gets me pumped up for the day. It helps remind myself that so many people are out there living their dreams and their purpose. And that it is something I can do too.

There you have it, 3 bullet points that have changed my life. Many believe LinkedIn is “too professional” for their business or that their target audience isn’t on that platform. And honestly, it just isn’t true anymore. I would have given you that five years ago, maybe even three, but now, this platform is something you HAVE to have in your toolbox. Ready to get your profile back into shape and using LinkedIn for all of its magic? Great! I would love to help and add you to my course, LinkedIn League.

Not only will you get the profile of your dreams, but you will get the knowledge to utilize LinkedIn to make your dreams come true.

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