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The 60 Second Rule

How many times a day do you get distracted? You are typing away on one project then an email comes in and BOOM! You have no idea what you were doing prior to the email. You try to get back on track, but your train of thought has left the station. Guys, this happens to me ALL. THE. TIME! Working in an office environment, people are constantly in and out of the office and distractions are inevitable. I imagine working from home is the same… piles of laundry, toddler toys all over the floor, and the constant temptation of ice cream in the freezer… or maybe that is just my house? LOL.

So, I am going to challenge you to implement the sixty second rule. No, not the one where if you drop your cookie on the floor, you can still eat it. 😀 What I am referring to is if there is a task that takes sixty seconds or less, do it immediately. Get it off your plate before you lose track of your task.

Instead of thinking about answering that email later- Do it now.

Need to print something to work on later in the day? – Hit the print button now.

Remembered that you are out of dry shampoo?- Order it now.

Doctor’s appointment still not scheduled? – Call them now.

Haven’t made your to-do list for the day? – You guessed it, make it now!

Not only will you be able to avoid the distractions and get more done, but you will also be able to focus on tasks that take longer without getting derailed.

If you need a few pointers of how to keep bigger distractions at bay, check out this article I wrote on focusing on the ACTION instead of DISTRACTION here.

Until next time, boss babes!

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