platforms to power up productivity

5 Platforms for Powering Up Productivity

In this phase of life, and probably every phase after if I am being honest, productivity and maximizing my time is crucial. I am always looking for ways that I can batch work, time block, or find a new app that is going to make this busy mama’s life easier. I have found five platforms for powering up productivity and have been instrumental in my entrepreneur life. So, let’s dive right in and see which one of these could be a good fit for you!

  1. Canva: Dear Canva, I am SO thankful for you! From helping me seamlessly create graphics for social media, to beautiful presentations, and email templates, you truly are the real MVP. Guys! If you aren’t utilizing Canva for all your graphic needs, you gotta get on it! Canva is free, there is a paid version, but I just use the free platform and it works just fine. I am in this platform at least once a day. I use it for work proposals, Pinterest graphics, downloads for my course, and so much more. It is truly a time saver and a gamechanger!
  2. Tailwind: This platform goes hand in hand with Canva. I log into Canva to create my Pinterest graphics and then upload them directly into Tailwind to schedule pins. Tailwind even schedules your pins based on the best times to maximize your pin. It allows you to re-pin things that you have pinned in the past. The time it takes to upload and schedule a pin is a minute or less. I can sit down and plan a week’s worth of content in under an hour with this platform. You can’t beat that, ladies.
  3. Cultivate What Matters Powersheets: This isn’t an app or platform, but a tangible planner to hold in your hands and write down your thought with pen and paper! I first invested in a Powersheets planner in 2018 and it has been transformational. You basically map your entire year. Your goals, your fears, your failures, your dreams… you write it all down. You follow up with your progress and hold yourself accountable to where you want to finish the year. Powersheets JUST launched for 2020 and you bet I have one being shipped to my house. I loved looking back through my old one to see where I started and where I will finish this year. The productivity hack here is keeping track of your progress and having a place to unload all your goals/ideas/dreams in one place.
  4. Google Drive: Is anyone not using Google Drive? I can’t imagine life without it! Courtney, my co-host, and I use it for all of our podcast documents. Email templates, budget, guest interviews, and pretty much anything that we need to share with each other for the show. When we interview guests, we both have a working document pulled up to keep track of questions and make notes in real time. I keep my collabs, leads, and ideas in my personal Drive so they can stay organized. I also have the app on my phone, so I can access anything at any time. You need it!
  5. Calendly: Five. That’s the number of calendars I keep up with daily. Crazy, right! I have my work calendar, personal calendar, discovery call calendar, podcast calendar, and a paper calendar. Mama was going crazy trying to keep up with everything. I have since streamlined and started using Calendly to keep up with all the things. We have a booking link for our podcast guests. I have a link for coaching or discovery calls to chat with people about my course or working with me. These links get synced to my main Google calendar that I can access anywhere. It makes life less crazy and streamlines my appointments. Granted, I still have to have a paper calendar because that’s just who I am as a person. 😊

I hope that a few of these will save you some time and energy. Those are two things we can’t get back and all need more if in our life!

What is your favorite productivity or time saving apps and platforms? I would love to hear!

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