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The Art of Delegation

Let’s face it sister… there is only so much time in the day. Time is also one of the only finite things in life so when its gone, its gone forever! I had to learn how to delegate tasks to make more time for the things that I truly enjoy in life. At first, some…

Creating a Morning Routine

It will change your life, friends! I can’t say it enough! If you listened to our first episode of Season Two of the Unshaken Podcast( here), then you know I am all about a morning routine. I am going to walk you through my personal morning routine AND how you can create one of your…

Cook More with Less Effort

One of my goals for this year is to cook two new recipes per week. Normally, I cook Sunday through Thursday and sometimes, I get a wild hair and cook breakfast or lunch on a Saturday if we are around the house. Some of you are already thinking I am crazy, and you wouldn’t be…

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